What We Organize

Tight Spaces

Wondering how to get the square peg into that round hole? In addition to the obvious, a professional organizer can work with you to make the best use of tight spaces like your under-bed storage, over-garage storage, attic, garden shed, workshop, cottage, guest house, pool house, even your boat or RV.

Event Preparation

Have something to celebrate? Sometimes life hands you a great reason to get organized. Parties, special events and house-guests all offer great incentive to do things you have been meaning to do. Rather than shove and stash to make room for people, use the event as an opportunity to purge and organize. Working with a professional organizer will make the best use of your time and actually make this process a fun one.

Life Transitions

Low on mental resources and overwhelmed at the prospect of a new baby, moving, merging households, or downsizing? We can remedy that. Yes, even when, as they often do, two life transitions occur at once. Consider us your extra hands, your coach, motivational expert and professional organizer all rolled into one.

Clearing Space for Rental in Your Home or Office

Ever consider renting out space in your home or office? Often the biggest hurdle is the preparation involved in making room for another person or locating and securing items of value. There are certainly plenty of benefits to sharing your space; especially when we can make it easy to do!

How It Works


Our first step is a 1hr visit to learn about you and your space. At this time we go room by room through your areas of concern and discuss specific ways in which the current state of things may have a negative impact on your life. We then focus on your ideal use of each space, how you would like to feel within them, and set a plan for how to get you there!

Sort & Purge

We work with you to identify what is clutter and what is treasure. It is surprising just how much fun this can be when you work with someone who is compassionate, who understands you, and values the way in which you want to use your space. Ultimately you make all the decisions on what to keep as we facilitate the process and keep your project on track.


An “organized” space is different for each client. Now that we have cleared the field and know what you plan to keep, we determine the best, and most productive use of your space. We balance the need for functionality with your level of desire for beauty and aesthetics. As we work, you begin to feel more peaceful in your space and experience a sense of joy and a clear head each time you walk into the room.

Create Systems

We create systems that are easy for you to use and maintain. Everything you have, has a home within reach so it can just as easily go back where it belongs. Because each person is different, we make sure to put things where it makes sense for you and your life.

Shop for Containers

While we may uncover exactly what you need for storage as we work through your space, sometimes clients need extra containers. We can help facilitate the purchase of bins and baskets that are right for you. For some clients shopping for new containers is the best thing about the whole organizing process!

Remove ~ Sell ~ Donate ~ Shred

What to do with all the leftovers? We make that easy too! From heavy furniture, to bags of trash and sensitive papers, we will make it all go away! There are many great organizations here in the Bay Area that would love to receive much of what needs to go. We can make arrangements for pick-up with your charity of choice or plan to haul the items away for donation. For many projects we can simply cart away small furniture items, bags of trash and papers for shredding at the end of the day.


Now all that's left to do is relax and enjoy your newly renovated and organized space.

Get Organized!

We Organize Your Home, Office, Storage, and Move...

So that you can have more time, money and happiness...

"Thanks to Carla, I feel lighter, and free. I don't feel stress when I’m in my office anymore. It's a happier place, and I can't wait for her to help me with my next project!"

Kerri Chrysty - Pleasanton, CA

"Because Carla was an unbiased professional, my daughter and I didn't have to bicker about the "stuff". It was a great experience and my daughter's room is still clean and organized and it's been over a month."

Thank you Carla!

Stephanie Belier - Los Altos, CA

"Carla was very helpful! She was patient with me when I was deciding what to keep or donate, but pushed me when I needed to get rid of stuff. She did such a great job, I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional organizer."

Vivian Manganello - San Jose, CA