Benefits of Clearing the Clutter

There is both a financial and emotional cost to clutter and excess. There are many benefits to organizing your life…..

Stop Wasting Money on Storage!

An average medium sized storage unit will cost you upwards of $15,000 in a 5 year span. While your items are sitting in storage their value is constantly depleting. Most people do not realize how expensive keeping unused items can be. We work with you to either downsize your paid storage or eliminate the need for it altogether. With an average savings on storage, Embracing Your Space services more than pay for them selves.

Protect Your Investments by Making Room In Your Garage

Next to the home, the vehicle is the average families second largest investment. You can increase the life of your vehicle and retain a better resale value by keeping it indoors. If your garage is filled with unused clutter your vehicle maybe subject to the outdoor elements. We can help you clean out your garage and organize the items that you have left so that you can use it for what it was meant for, protecting your vehicle investment.

Eliminate the Cost of Unused Purchases

Often times clutter can make it hard to find items that we might want to use. You may find your self purchasing unnecessary items that you may already own. Excessive clutter makes it hard to take inventory of previously purchased items, items may go unused or unopened until they are completely obsolete. Once your space is organized costly repurchasing and wasted unused items will be greatly reduced if not eliminated. Individuals can save thousands of dollars by not making unnecessary purchases.

Improve Your Health by Reducing Stress

Stress has been linked to high blood pressure, heart problems, hair loss, weight gain, gastrointestinal problems, and many other health related illnesses. The excessive clutter that is causing you stress may also be taking its toll on your health.

Organization provides an emotional clarity more priceless than any financial gain. Reclaiming spaces for their intended purpose or a brand new one is exciting. Clearing the physical clutter helps clear the clutter in your mind which reduce stress. You can start a new chapter with less stress today, call us to find out how. 408.858.8552

Optimized Work-space & Increased Productivity

When your office environment and support spaces are well-ordered and properly organized you can get easily more done in less time. Organization increases productivity and boosts profits!

Increased Worker & Customer Satisfaction

An organized and easy to maintain work-space reduces chaos and stress in the office. It creates a positive experience for employees and customers while it establishes a lasting positive impression.

Shop Your House

Ready to find some treasures? Sometimes all it takes is a little organization and a fresh eye in your closet or around your home; the key is knowing what you have. Rather than buy more clothes and accessories, let’s discover some lost treasures in the back of your closet and see what new looks we can put together. As for home decor, we can find, organize and display your keepsakes, antiques and family treasures. Who knows, you may even find a few things to sell or consign in the process!


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