Welcome to Embracing Your Space

At Embracing Your Space we specialize in creating beautiful functional environments for living and working. We use a sensitive process to help clients eliminate unneeded items from their home or workplace. Organization generates a feeling of accomplishment, relief, rejuvenation, and empowerment. In a clean and well-organized space, anything is possible!

Embracing Your Space Organizers are Caring Client Advocates

We tailor our process to fit our clients individual needs. Each client is different. Some clients like to dive right in, while others find letting go a very emotional process. We honor your confidentiality and work with care and compassion to meet your specific needs. From the start, it is all about what you want to accomplish and the speed at which you feel confident and comfortable.

Organize Your Home!

An organized home is a dream home! Imagine coming home at the end of the day and immediately being able to relax and unwind. Not having to stress about an un-kept house or excess papers you have been meaning to get to. No kids toys or shoes scattered about to kick out of the way as you drag in the remnants of your day. This could be a reality. When things are organized and there is a place for everything, you will be amazed at how easy it is to have a well-kept home.
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Organize Your Business Space

When your office environment and support spaces are properly organized you can get more done in less time. An organized and easy to maintain work-space reduces chaos and stress in the office. It creates a positive experience for employees and customers while it establishes a lasting positive impression. When a worker, whether it be you or your employee has an enjoyable organized work environment they are more likely to be satisfied with their position. A satisfied employee will produce higher quality work, be more efficient and stay with the company for a longer term. Call us today to see how we can help your business run smoother.

Reduce Clutter & Save Money

There is both a financial and emotional cost to clutter and excess, especially when storage units are involved. An average medium sized storage unit will cost you upwards of $15,000 in a 5 year span. While your items are sitting in storage their value is constantly depleting. Most people do not realize how expensive keeping unused items can be. We work with you to either downsize your paid storage or eliminate the need for it altogether. With an average savings on storage, Embracing Your Space services more than pay for them selves. Read More About The Cost of Clutter!

Working With Excessive Clutter

There are different degrees of disorganization and we realize that you or a family member may have an extreme case of “collecting” or “hoarding”. We are happy to discuss the ways in which we can help. Because we have experience in this area, we understand the level of compassion and care that is involved with these extreme cases. While there can be times when it is important for us to include a hoarding specialist or sanitation crew to safely address the situation, it is often simply a very LARGE organizing mission. We are happy to work with you to determine the best solution for you or your loved one.

"Thanks to Carla, I feel lighter, and free. I don't feel stress when I’m in my office anymore. It's a happier place, and I can't wait for her to help me with my next project!"

Kerri Chrysty - Pleasanton, CA

"Because Carla was an unbiased professional, my daughter and I didn't have to bicker about the "stuff". It was a great experience and my daughter's room is still clean and organized and it's been over a month."

Thank you Carla!

Stephanie Belier - Los Altos, CA

"Carla was very helpful! She was patient with me when I was deciding what to keep or donate, but pushed me when I needed to get rid of stuff. She did such a great job, I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional organizer."

Vivian Manganello - San Jose, CA