How To Prepare Your Home to Host a Holiday Party


Now that the holidays have arrived, you may have been the chosen one to host this year’s gathering. From stirring up your signature dishes to accommodating overnight guests, the thought of your to-do list might sound daunting. However, with a plan in place you have no reason to fret! Your friends and family know that you aren’t the Bellagio, so don’t put that sort of pressure on yourself.


This year, use these tips for a smooth holiday party preparation.






Clear the Clutter:

1 Week in Advance

First on the list is cutting the amount of clutter in your home. With more foot traffic than normal, it’s essential to create more space so your guests don’t feel crowded and uncomfortable. Not only does it make for a more enjoyable party, it also makes navigating much easier for elderly guests.


Begin with the rooms that most of your guests will spend their time in. Have three bags on hand: to sore elsewhere, to donate, and to throw out. For anything that should be stored elsewhere, choose a place in your home that your guests won’t have access to. For example, your garage or storage room. If placed in a spare room, lock the door so small children avoid getting their hands on something they aren’t supposed to.


When in a crunch, use a service to sort, haul, and dispose of your unwanted clutter for you. For those that have time and aren’t sure where to start, scheduling time with a professional organizer in advance may be worth your while.


Perform a Deep Cleaning: 3-4 Days in Advance

Clearing the amount of clutter in your home will drastically ease the process of cleaning. With clear tables and counters, dusting and wiping down surfaces will become much more streamlined.

Similar to decluttering, start in the rooms that will be most trafficked. These will likely be the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. For guests planning an overnight stay, you’ll need to consider spare rooms as well. Begin with the floors and work your way up. Vacuum and/or mop the floors three to four days out from the big day. Dusting and wiping down surfaces can follow at two to three days out, depending on how much spare time you have on your hands. After that, make sure all toilets and mirrors are cleaned prior to guest’s arrival.

Add a Festive Touch: 2 Days in Advance

Your home doesn’t need extravagant decorations to get people in the holiday spirit. A few simple decorations and holiday scents will do the trick. The day before your guests arrive, light some candles or place air fresheners in your vents to fill the home with warm scents.

Place a few tasteful holiday decorations on your kitchen, coffee and side tables. Add a small chalkboard sign to your walkway to give your guests a warm welcoming. If you’d like to get more creative, gather some inspiration from Pinterest beforehand.

Final touches: Day of the Party

When the day of the party arrives, you should have minimal tasks left on your list. In the morning, add any additional furniture needed to accommodate your number of attendees and set each table. A couple hours before arrival, sweep each room for recollected clutter. Depending on your spread, the rest of your day should be spent cooking and spending quality time with family and friends.

However you choose to celebrate the holidays, gathering with the people you love most is what matters most. If you find yourself getting stressed, take a deep breath and resort to your plan in place. You’ve got this!




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