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I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far! Just a quick note to let you know that I will be on vacation from July 2nd – July 10th, and will not have internet access from the 2nd – the 5th. I apologize for any inconvenience, and will answer any emails after the 5th.

\"50197c08-878b-49dd-92de-2b389e665a5d\"Does excess clutter = excess weight?

During one of the many networking opportunities I get to participate in, I met Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist, Julie Arroyo. During our conversation, we talked about the correlation between home clutter (stuff) and body clutter (extra weight, pain, and stress). Now, we realize that not everyone who has home clutter is overweight, and vice versa, but it\’s true for many of our clients. Whether it be an addiction to shopping/buying or food, or simply taking care of everyone else in their lives and not paying attention to their own health or surroundings, our clients want to get a handle on it, and we\’re here to help! In fact, Professional Organizer Peter Walsh wrote a book called “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat”, which explains how getting rid of excess clutter CAN help you lose weight! You can read an excerpt from this book here. Please be sure to check out page 2. I\’d love to hear from you if this resonates with you!\"line\"

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Julie Arroyo, The New Basis

The New Basis is a personal training studio in Los Gatos, CA. We believe in building Strong Foundations in Health, Fitness, Life.
At The New Basis in Los Gatos, they value you as an individual. Your goals are their goals, whether they be about weight loss, sports performance, injury rehab, improving bloodwork, getting involved in a healthy community or just getting some quality “me time”. They are a company that values quality motion, recreation, connection, whole foods and natural nutrition, and believe that they are imperative to long-term success.
Visit Their Website\"line\"

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Ellen Lovelace, A Balanced Table

A Balanced Table is focused on optimizing health and wellness through the use of a nourishing whole foods-based diet, as well as supplements and advanced laboratory testing (where needed). By examining possible deficiencies, restoring healthy digestion, balancing blood sugar, addressing food sensitivities, and detoxifying the body, as well as addressing lifestyle challenges, ABT works to help your body heal and restore the health and vitality you seek. Rather than chasing symptoms, ABT will bring you to a balanced state of overall wellness and help you to eat, drink, and thrive.
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