\"\"Is your pantry ready to take on the holidays?

The holidays (yes, you read correctly!) are almost here, and I want to encourage you to start thinking about your holiday To-Do lists now. Looking at one task at a time, starting now, will alleviate so much stress when the day(s) actually arrives. If you plan on hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or any other event in your home, sorting through your pantry is a must. Think of all of the appetizers, cookies, and pastries you might be making, as well as any festive drinks you may be serving. Those ingredients need to live somewhere, right? Rather than shoving them into your already full pantry, go through it and make some room. This article has some great tips on how to categorize your pantry. And remember, I’m always here to help!

Carla Whyte
Embracing Your Space


Get Ready for Fall and the Holidays – Organize Your Pantry!\"\"

Organize your pantry with these easy steps. From sorting items to throwing out stale food, these tips make it simple to straighten up.

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Holiday Readiness the Easy Way

Join me as I team up with Melissa Sanchez, a Business & Personal Coach, to give you Holiday Hints for an Easy, Fun, & Festive Season. I will help you work through your holiday checklists. Melissa will provide a couple of techniques to maintain your cool, calm, purposeful actions while in the midst of Holiday Rushing Around. Maintain focus for success.

What can you do that will make holiday times with family and friends peaceful and enjoyable? Join us to find out!


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