\"\"Is your storage unit organized or a mess?

This summer, many of my clients are moving into, or out of, their homes, and have needed to rent storage units or PODs. (In my professional opinion, that is the ONLY reason you should need a storage unit!) 🙂 Believe it or not, making a plan before you choose the size, and before you fill it, makes a huge difference! Follow these 6 steps, and the job with go smoothly. If you’re renting a moving van to get your things to the storage unit, I especially agree with tip #4. Loading the van correctly is key! Good luck!

Carla Whyte
Embracing Your Space



What is the best way to organize my stuff in my storage unit?

Organizing your belongings inside your storage unit is an important step you really need to think about when utilizing self storage. If you know how to organize a storage unit, you will be able to easily access anything at any time without stress or hassle. This step is often overlooked. And when it is, that day comes when you need an item all the way in the back and underneath several boxes, and you realize you have to move everything around just to reach it. Well, that’s if you even remember where you put it!

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Product Recommendation:

TRINITY 5-Tier Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Rack

TRINITY’s NSF certified 5-Tier Heavy Duty Commercial Chrome Shelving Rack is built to hold your extra large and heavy items. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, these shelves are adjustable at 1” increments and allow for personal configuration. Assembly requires no tools, and uses a slip-sleeve locking system. Entire shelving rack can be fixed with adjustable feet levelers or turned into a mobile unit with swivel casters. Lean More



Partner Recommendation

By the Bay Storage

By the Bay was founded in 2015 by James and Adele Regan. Adele is a fourth generation industry veteran, whose family owns one of the oldest moving and storage companies in California. They are a family-owned business and their goal is to provide affordable, secure, storage with excellent customer service and no hidden fees. They want their customers to be happy with their storage company – not express frustration every time the thought of another price increase or safety issue comes up.

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