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Dear Candice,
I hope you’re having a nice summer!! School is still a month away (yay!), but it might be a good idea to kind-of-sort-of start thinking about it a little bit. ? One area that’s fun to think about is your kids’ memorabilia. Sometimes it can get overwhelming, I know, but setting up a system now will help make it more manageable when it starts pouring in! And I LOVE this organizing solution in the following article. SUPER easy to set up and maintain!! I hope you think so, too.
Carla Whyte
Embracing Your Space


A Simple System for Organizing School Memorabilia 


It\’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of those school keepsake papers…am I right? Here\’s a simple system for organizing school memorabilia papers!

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Partner Recommendation:
Melissa \”Apple\” Sioson, Primetime Martial Arts

If you are looking for something fun and different for your child this summer, I highly recommend Summer Camp with Coach Apple and Primetime Martial Arts!

Each day will be filled with karate, games, crafts, food and fun.  At least one day per week will be a park day where the campers will walk to La Colina Park and have a picnic lunch and play for the day.  Activities and crafts will vary depending on the amount of campers and their ages.

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Product Recommendation: 12-Gallon Plastic Storage Hanging File Box

The KeepBox is a versatile home storage and medium-duty attached lid container. Metal rails included to organize letter hanging folders.

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